WhatsApp Templates Demo

Here are the steps as generated by the Loom AI:

Outline for Understanding Canva Template Training

1. Introduction

  • Bianca from WAHM Workspace providing a demo of Canva templates for training.
  • Templates are preset for WhatsApp and designed to be easily customizable.

2. Setting Up Branding

  • Open template and update fonts to match your brand.
  • Differentiate between heading font, script font, and body font.
  • Demonstration of changing fonts (e.g., Montserrat, Dancing Script, Railway).

3. Changing Colours

  • Update colours to match brand colours throughout the template.
  • Demonstration of changing colours and ensuring consistency.

4. Adjusting Layout and Spacing

  • Modify font sizes, spacing, and alignment as needed.
  • Ungroup elements to adjust spacing and positioning.
  • Tips for optimising text layout and size.

5. Editing Background and Elements

  • Utilise Canva elements to change background.
  • Demonstration of changing background colour and elements.
  • Editing text blocks and images for customisation.

6. Additional Customisations

  • Adding logos, images, and product highlights.
  • Demonstrating how to adjust images and text for different sections.
  • Tips for making templates more personalised and engaging.

7. Final Touches and Sharing

  • Ensuring all fonts, colours, and information are updated.
  • Templates are optimised for sharing on social media.
  • Encouragement for users to share their creations on social platforms.

8. Conclusion

  • Summarising the benefits of using Canva templates for easy and professional designs.
  • Emphasising the visibility and shareability of the created images.
  • Encouragement for users to engage with the training and create their own designs.


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