VA SuccessNavigator

Empowering South African VAs to Soar Globally!

Providing you with the direction and guidance to take your virtual assistant business global.


You’re looking for

  • financial independence
  • the ability to do the work you love for clients you really enjoy working with
  • the flexibility and knowledge to get up and running yesterday.

You’re tired of wading through the thousands of courses online to figure out what you need to know to start making more money, knowing that so much of it might not apply to you as a South African!

VA Success Navigator is run by the very successful team from WAHM WorkSpace.

  • We are a tech VA Agency with a team of 4 South African virtual assistants.
  • We’ve helped clients in more than 12 countries to feel empowered to work online.
  • We’ve trained more than 200 people to use the tools they need in their business, whether in South Africa or abroad.
  • We’ve empowered more than 20 VAs through our business to take their work to the next level. 

We’re passionate about empowerment!

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of VA training courses out there.We haven't found any uniquely equipped to train South Africans to market internationally.

until now!

Kind Words

I learned a lot of useful tips, but most of all Bianca helped me put a plan together. I am starting a new business, and although I already have a successful business, it was very good to have a different take on starting this new one.

Thank you very much for your useful information, for giving it to me in point form, and for guiding me through a process you think will work for me.

I gained much value from our time together. I thank you very much.



Imagine a world where...

  • Work becomes a thrilling adventure that you eagerly embrace.
  • Clients clamour for your services, overflowing your schedule with abundant opportunities.
  • Your service offerings are crystal clear, helping you showcase your unique value.
  • A supportive network of trusted professionals stands ready to refer clients your way.
  • Money flows effortlessly into your business, fueling your growth and success.
  • Your worth is recognised and rewarded by clients who happily pay for your exceptional skills.
  • Every client interaction is a joyous collaboration, leaving you inspired and fulfilled.

Join VA Success Navigator today and embark on a transformative journey to unleash your true potential as a South African Virtual Assistant.


“Your next level requires transformation.”

 ― Germany Kent

When you join VA Success Navigator this is what you’ll learn:

Module 1VA Business Basics

Module 1
  • cropped-4793-WHAM-Logo-Final-05.png
    1. Virtual Assistant, Tech VA, OBM, something else?

    Our definition of being a VA and how to explain to clients what a VA is, and is not. We'll discuss specialisations and how to decide if that's the way to go for you or not. 

  • cropped-4793-WHAM-Logo-Final-05.png
    2. Skills and Marketability

    How to harness the power of the skills you already have, and how to market them to the world. Deep dive into the best skills to use internationally.

  • cropped-4793-WHAM-Logo-Final-05.png
    3. What do I really need?

    What you need right now to start and grow your business, and what can wait. How to position yourself for international clients. 

  • cropped-4793-WHAM-Logo-Final-05.png
    4. Finding Clients you LOVE

    Various techniques for marketing and networking your VA business. Ways to use your existing networking to grow your international clientele. 

Module 2Money and Mindset

  • cropped-4793-WHAM-Logo-Final-05.png
    1. Sole Prop, Company, PTY, oh MY!

    Everything you need to know about how and when to register your business. We'll cover the forms you may see when working internationally as well. 

  • cropped-4793-WHAM-Logo-Final-05.png
    2. Bookkeeping Basics

    An introduction to bookkeeping and the available platforms we encounter most. Running the finances for your own business, as well as offering bookkeeping services. 

  • cropped-4793-WHAM-Logo-Final-05.png
    3. Understanding your Value

    The mindset behind money decisions in your business, and methods to improve it. Positioning yourself for the international market and the mindset we need to work on for that!

  • cropped-4793-WHAM-Logo-Final-05.png
    4. Pricing your Services

    Figuring out your pricing from an educated perspective. Numbers seldom lie! Customised support for competing internationally as well. 

Module 2

Module 3Technology, Branding and Social Media

Module 3
  • cropped-4793-WHAM-Logo-Final-05.png
    1. Everything Email

    Everything to do with email - email providers, email platforms, email marketing and more.  

  • cropped-4793-WHAM-Logo-Final-05.png
    2. Making Sense of Social Media

    An introduction to the various social media platforms and how to use them for business. We'll also explore scheduling tools and other resources. 

  • cropped-4793-WHAM-Logo-Final-05.png
    3. Grasping Graphics

    An introduction to graphic design platforms and how to use the most common ones. 

  • cropped-4793-WHAM-Logo-Final-05.png
    4. Website Wisdom

    Understanding the various website platforms, and the kinds of things to be aware of when working on your own or client sites. 

Guest Experts

Guest experts
  • Chantal from Hey Chantal!

    Teaching WordPress basics - including how not to break a website and how to fix the white screen of death.

  • Nicola from Nicola Dove Photography

    How to work with a photographer for personal branding shoots. 

  • Nic from NKR

    Creating a sellable business - legal and practical considerations. 

  • Sonja the Pu$$Y Catalyst

    A workshop and meditation to help you tap into your innate wisdom and intuition. 

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Bianca & Adrienne will host weekly live Question and Answer sessions on the relevant module.

Join them live, or submit your questions via the website or Facebook group to have all your burning questions answered.

This is a great time to connect with fellow students


It's a sharp learning curve, but the benefits have been incredible.

~ Michelle B, WAHM Training Student

More importantly, this is what you'll gain:

  • Lifetime Access

    To all course material, including:

     - Videos
     - Swipe files
     - Templates
     - Workbooks
     - and more

    AND lifetime access to all future updates of the core course as well

  • Live Q&A sessions

    12 Weekly Q&A sessions. A chance to connect with fellow students, and your course creators to ask your pertinent questions. 

  • Private Facebook Group

    Exclusive Facebook Group for students to get real-time advice, connect with other VAs and students, and find business besties to get support from. 

  • Peer Support

    Experienced VAs to support you on your journey and support from others going through the course with you. A growing network of local VAs to connect with. 

Light bulb

BonusLoadshedding Workshop

Tired of working in the dark? The first 10 students to sign up, will get a bonus loadshedding workshop. To brainstorm ideas to keep going without frustration and stress. 

Looking for more?Add 1:1 sessions

Trailblazer students qualify for three one on one sessions. Whether you're looking for guidance with your finances, your mindset or the tech, we have someone who can help you through each of the stumbling blocks along the way. 

Trailblazer students also get Telegram access to the training team. 

Enrolment closes in


R 1 397
R 517 x 3 months
  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • 12 Recorded Q&A sessions
  • Private Facebook Group


R 2 997
R1 097 x 3 months
  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • 12 Recorded Q&A sessions
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Join the Q&A Sessions Live


R 6 997
R2 597 x 3 months
  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • 12 Recorded Q&A sessions
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Join the Q&A Sessions Live
  • Three 1 : 1 sessions
  • Telegram Access to the Training Team
Yes and No

This is for you if:

  • You’re South African, or based in a neighbouring country.
  • You’re committed to doing the work to achieve success.
  • You’re looking for local assistance.
  • You’re ready to take your business to the next level.
  • You want someone to help you eliminate the overwhelm.
  • You want to be involved in an active community.

This is not for you if:

  • You don’t know that South Africa is its own a country.
  • You’re happy where you are and don’t want to grow.
  • You prefer courses that don’t push you.
  • You want to stay in the "Google struggle" and find your own way.
  • You don’t like having someone tell you to change your outlook.
  • You always prefer doing things on your own.

With the changes as a result of the global pandemic, there are so many people pivoting to a new way of working. Now is the perfect time to position yourself to work with the international clientele!

WAHM did over a million Rands' worth of business last year.We would love to support you in expanding your business too!


Bianca and Adrienne are the CEO and CFO of WAHM WorkSpace. They’ve run the successful tech VA agency for 6 years. Bianca has a background in all sorts of jobs and considers herself a multi-potentialite. Her passion is in empowerment and her superpower is being able to translate creative thinking to tech, and vice versa. Adrienne is an accountant by training who has a passion for helping small businesses prosper in a financial sense. She’s a genius at making numbers accessible even to people who would rather die than read a spreadsheet.

Together they are leading WAHM WorkSpace to a very bright future. 

A Virtual Assistant is a remote assistant to a business owner. This means you work from your own location, for someone else's business. What you actually assist with is up to you. 

We'll show you how what you already know and do can be used to build your business. 

Still have questions?

Book a free 30 minute call with Bianca to ask any additional questions you might have, or to help you choose the right track for you!