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Unlock Boundless Opportunities: Expand Your Reach as a South African Virtual Assistant with VA Success Accelerator!

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  • Knowing which of your skills are the most marketable internationally.
  • Knowing how to price your services so that you are both competitive and not selling yourself short.
  • Working with clients from all corners of the globe, collaborating with diverse teams, and expanding your skillset like never before
  • Earning international currencies that put our Rand to shame.
  • Exponentially increasing your income without needing to work longer or harder.
  • Breaking free from the limitations of our local market and tapping into the vast opportunities waiting for you on the international stage
18 September

Skills Workshop

This workshop will help you identify all skills that could be marketable. I overlooked a lot of my skills in the beginning, and I want to help you identify the things that we think are just ordinary to us. Things like our resilience and our ability to work in adverse situations (thanks loadshedding) - all uniquely South African skills!!

Includes a Workbook and templates. 

19 September

Pricing Workshop

Whether you are established or new to VA work, this workshop will help you understand how to ensure that you are covering your actual costs, making a profit, and competing on the international stage. 

Includes a Workbook, templates and spreadsheets that you can use for yourself and in the future. 

20 September

Outsourcing Workshop

Outsourcing information is our best performing lead magnet on our website. This workshop will take you behind the scenes of our lead magnet and show you how we do it, and help you sell your skills in an informative and helpful way. 

Includes a Workbook and templates. 

Plusa private Facebook Group

Our whole WAHM team will be on hand to answer your questions and support you during the week. We will have lives, create community and connect with other VAs in South Africa. I strongly believe in Community over Competition. There is always enough to go round, and helping others succeed is how we have the best business experience.

The workshops go live in:

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