Travel getting you down after the Pandemic?Free workshop to boost your income. 26 Jan 2022

This free, live workshop led by two ex-travel agents turned Virtual Assistants, will give you insights into how the skills you have as a travel agent can be used and marketed to your ideal clients as a virtual assistant. 

You don't have to leave travel behind, but wouldn't it be great to supplement your income with a wider offering?

Who's facilitating this?And what do they know?

Bianca Johnson was a travel agent in Durban (and Witbank for her sins) for almost 10 years. Working at Flight Centre and Webtours. She started WAHM WorkSpace - a Tech VA Agency in 2017 and the company did over a million Rand in business in 2021. She considers herself a Multipotentialite who takes what she knows from every role she's worked in and brings it into what she's doing now. Her biggest passion is empowering women!

Michelle Beukes was a travel agent, product manager and corporate consultant with Flight Centre for more than 20 years (How did she do it?). She joined Bianca's team in 2021 and her head nearly exploded from all the new knowledge. However 6 months down the line and she's loving the work that she does and is learning something new every day. She's passionate about nurturing and empowering, and she loves working with the VA Bootcamp students to see them blossom. 

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OKMaybe they know what it's like

Sign Me Up - it's free anyway! What's to lose?