Boost your BizMembership

For South African women running a business online seeking support and community

As female entrepreneurs we wear all the hats.

We need business support that recognises that.


You're running your business, keeping your house, doing your best to be a good friend, partner, mother, daughter, sister and business owner. You're going to networking, showing up on social media and doing all the things, but it's not feeling like you're moving the needle. 

Women thrive in community, and you're looking to learn skills and methods to grow your business with other women that recognise all the hats that you're wearing.

The Boost your Business Membership is run by the very successful team from WAHM WorkSpace.

  • We are a tech VA Agency with a team of 5 virtual assistants.
  • We are all work at home moms of kids ranging from baby to teenagers, and most of us homeschool. We know about juggling work and home.
  • We’ve helped clients all over the world to feel empowered to work online.
  • We’ve trained more than 200 people to use the tools they need in their business, in South Africa and Internationally.

We’re passionate about empowerment!

Empowering support boosts your business.

Not all memberships are made the same.We recognise that you need results in quick chunks, while wearing all the hats and can't commit hours every week.

from 1 hour a week commitment

One weekly call for the first four weeks of the month. The one hour calls will have a specific purpose each week:

  • A training call on the monthly theme - presentation and practical time.
  • A brainstorming call for you connect with other members and brainstorm your ideas for the theme.
  • A Q&A call when you can ask Bianca & Adrienne your questions, relating to the topic or anything else business related.
  • A connection call where you can get to know the other members more deeply.

Kind words

Imagine what it would feel like if...

  • You had a library of well organised resources to learn a skill as and when you need it
  • You could reach out to other women for guidance at any time conveniently
  • You had clarity on what to work on when in your business
  • You had a reliable network to refer clients to, and get referrals from
  • Money flowed into your business
  • You created a tribe around you that understood what you were going through
  • You had a go-to team to teach you any business skill

All this is possible with The Boost your Biz Membership

“Wearing hats has become like fine art for me.”

 ― Tina Brown

The Membership Includes:

  • Weekly Membership Calls

    One each of the Training, Connection, Q&A and Brainstorming calls every month. A clear calendar to subscribe to that let's you know which calls are which and when they are. 

  • A community of fellow Female Entrepreneurs.

    A Facebook group filled with women also wearing multiple hats. Access to the coaching team and their VAs for questions and brainstorming between calls. 

  • Highlights on Social Media

    Regular opportunities to highlight you, your business and your offers on our social media to our growing South African and International audiences.

  • Exclusive Discounts

    Exclusive Members-Only discounts for tech, software, coaching and retreats. 

Bianca was patient, informative and able to translate my needs as a Creative Entrepreneur into tangible things I could do to improve my platforms to sell my artworks and build my brand.

~ Emma Jacobs

2023 Topics:

  • January - plan

    Put your Thinking Cap On

    Start your year with a plan. We'll look at various methods for planning the year from a productivity perspective, a content perspective and a financial perspective.

    We'll also include plans for the membership and a get to know everyone call

  • February - finance

    Love Your Numbers

    Get the finance tools you need to ensure that you know what numbers are worth tracking, which ones you need to make business decisions, and where to go next in your business. 

  • March - brand

    March to the beat of your own Drum

    What makes a brand? How are you representing your brand. Branding is not just about colours and fonts, but also about how you show up in the world. 

  • April - email

    Easter Eggs in your Email

    Manage your inbox and learn tips and tricks for various email platforms. 

    Check that your Email Marketing platforms are set up correctly and find the best ways to utilise them for your unique business. 

  • May - content

    May the Force be with you!

    Learn about content plans, methods for developing your own plan that you use, and training on creating, scheduling and reviewing your own content - website, social media and more. 

  • June - content

    Mid-year Makeover

    Analyse your website presence and ensure that you're doing things the best way possible. Understand why some pages are set up the way they are, learn the best options for securing your website, and how to manage updates etc. 

  • July - plan

    Jump Start on Launching

    Learn what your options are for running a successful online launch. Whether you sell products, courses, services or something else, this month we'll look at everything you should know about launching something new in the online space. Timelines, checklists and more will be covered. 

  • August - inspire

    Women Working Wonders

    This Women's Month (in South Africa), we'll focus on the inspiring women who have influenced our business and highlight how they've made a difference. This month will be packed full of guest experts, inspiring content and other awesome surprises. 

  • September - admin

    Spring Clean your Business

    For spring cleaning in your business we'll focus on clearing out inboxes, task management platforms, to do lists and just getting on top of all the things that go to the wayside. Each week we'll focus on ways to spring clean now and automate the process for the future. 

  • October - content

    Scary Social Media

    As we head into the final quarter of the year, we'll focus on your social media for what is usually the most profitable quarter for the year. We'll include training on scheduling apps, scheduling calendars, quick content creations and ideas brainstorming.  

  • November - finance

    Know your Numbers

    We'll spend November looking back at the numbers your worked on in February. Assessing where things went right, and where there could have been improvements. We'll also help you plan for Black Friday and 2024's financial decisions.   

  • December - plan

    Review and Ready

    Review the year that was. Use the data that you've collected, the skills you've developed and the experience of being part of the membership to get ready for 2024 with new intentions and actionable plans.  

Early Adopters BonusAccess to all 2021 Biz Bootcamp Recordings

As a thank you for being part of our first membership, receive the whole catalogue of the 2021 Biz Bootcamp workshops. Including Canva, Finance, Social Media, Email Marketing and more. 18 Video trainings in total

Early Bird Bonus4 Weeks Free

Sign up today and start your payments in 4 weeks' time. 

Looking for personalised support?All plans include 1:1 sessions

Early Bird Bonus ends in


R 497 per month
  • 4 Group Calls per month
  • One 1:1 Call per year of Membership
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Recorded modules
  • 1 Social Post per Quarter
  • Biz Bootcamp Videos


R 997 per month
  • 4 Group Calls per month
  • Three 1:1 Calls per year of Membership
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Recorded modules
  • 1 Social Post per Month with link
  • Exclusive Cloche Member Discounts
  • Biz Bootcamp Videos


R 2497 per month
  • 4 Group Calls per month
  • Eight 1:1 Call per year of Membership
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Recorded modules
  • 1 Social Post per Month with link
  • 1 Video Social Post per Quarter
  • Exclusive Fascinator Member Discounts
  • Biz Bootcamp Videos
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Local to Durban?

We have an in-person offer exclusively for you. Our Sun Hat Membership includes everything in the Cloche Plan with monthly Lunch & Learn in person, networking get togethers themed around the monthly topic.

Yes and No

This is for you if:

  • You're a small business owner and know you need help, but don't know where to start.
  • You’re committed to doing the work to achieve success.
  • You’re looking for guidance to run your own business.
  • You’re ready to take your business to the next level.
  • You want someone to help you eliminate the overwhelm.
  • You want to be involved in an active community.
  • You're tired of trying to find your own way on the internet

This is not for you if:

  • You’re happy where you are and don’t want to grow.
  • You prefer online offers that don’t encourage you to grow.
  • You're looking for someone to do everything for you.
  • You want to stay in the "Google struggle" and find your own way.
  • You don’t like having someone tell you to change your outlook.
  • You always prefer doing things on your own.

As we move out of the aftermath of the global pandemic the need to be part of a community is growing. Joining an active community of creative entrepreneurs learning together will both grow your skills for a changing world, and develop a community to support you. 

Meet theCoaches


Bianca and Adrienne are the CEO and CFO of WAHM WorkSpace. They’ve run the successful tech VA agency for 4 years. Bianca has a background in all sorts of jobs and considers herself a multi-potentialite. Her passion is in empowerment and her superpower is being able to translate creative thinking to tech, and vice versa.

Adrienne is an accountant by training who has a passion for helping small businesses prosper in a financial sense. She’s a genius at making numbers accessible even to people who would rather die than read a spreadsheet.

Together they are leading WAHM WorkSpace to a very bright future. 

A Virtual Assistant is a remote assistant to a business owner. This means we work from our own location, for someone else's business. 

In our experience we've been involved in so many aspects of running a successful business, and we're passing that experience on to you through the membership


Still have questions?

Book a free 15 minute call with Bianca to ask any additional questions you might have, or to help you choose the right track for you!