Short Courses to improve your skills for your online or digital business. 

There is so much to learn when you start a business. Look through our workshops below and find the quick wins for you and your business.

These two to three hour live recorded sessions will teach you both the theory and knowledge on a topic, as well as practical examples. The recorded sessions are available below.

We're passionate about empowerment!

We want to share that with you!

Imagine what it would be like if...

  • You sat down at your desk and were excited to work
  • You were confident in all the tools you worked in
  • You could get your questions answered by a specialist
  • You looked forward to computer days

All this is possible!

Biz Bootcamp is brought you by WAHM WorkSpace.

    • We are a tech VA Agency with a team of 9 virtual assistants.


    • We've helped clients all over the world to feel empowered to work online.


    • We've trained more than 100 people to use the tools they need in their business, whether in South Africa or abroad.



The courses we ran in 2021:

An introduction to Canva and the free account. Including training on best practices for graphic creation and basic graphic design skills to ensure a professional social media presence

Go a little more in depth with Canva training, as well as looking at the extra features that you get in a paid Canva account. We will assume that you are fairly familiar with Canva and will focus on tips and tricks that are included in the paid account, and with more advanced project and template creation in Canva

Learn the basics of Email Marketing and how to make sure you set up your account correctly. We'll touch on fonts, images and best practices for newsletter construction, and will give a quick introduction to various platforms including Mailchimp, Convertkit, Active Campaign and Mailerlite. 

Get a good baseline understanding of bookkeeping for your small business from our resident Accountant. Adrienne is phenomenal at making numbers understandable to those that struggle with them. She'll teach you the most important things to do on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis in your business. 

Adrienne will talk you through the most important things to consider with your budget in your business. She'll talk through the best ways to figure out costs whether for products or services. 

Get an overview of the WordPress platform for website. And an introduction to understand how WordPress website are created, with information on how to edit your website, create blog posts and make updates. If you own a WordPress website and don't know how to use it, this workshop is for you! 

What is a Blog, how do you use it to gain clients, and how do you make it work best for you and your unique business. Join this workshop for both practical and insightful guidance.

This introduction will give you the basic introduction to the various social media platforms. We'll cover information on the various options available for each of the platforms. We'll talk about all of this in a way that will make it easy for you to understand, no matter where you are in your digital journey.

Bianca & Daniella will take you through the best practices of using Facebook and Instagram for your business. We'll look at linking pages through Business for Facebook, setting up your Business platform and using Creative Studio to schedule posts... and more.

Pinterest is the Social Media platform that lasts the longest. Learn from Adrienne why this is a platform you should consider for any business that has evergreen content. It's a visual platform, but there's opportunity to really build your business here.

If your target audience are corporate or business people, then LinkedIn is where you should be marketing. This is a growing platform, with a lot more opportunities than there used to be. Enjoy learning tips on how to update your profile, create a page and market on this platform

Learn the various platforms out there for scheduling on Social Media. From free integrated options, to paid options per platform, as well as multiplatform sites. We'll cover how to work out a posting schedule and calendar; as well as the basics of using the platforms and tailoring your posts appropriately

Learn how to use the Google Workspace platform including - Gmail for business, Google office suite, Sharing, groups and best practices for using Google for collaboration. We'll have a tour of the admin area, and help you get the most of your paid Google WorkSpace

Learn how to manage an inbox on behalf of a client. Learn the tips and tricks in working with clients to respond to emails. Bianca will also teach some tips for sounding like your client when responding in mails. Communication and related skills will be covered in this session as well.

Everything you need to know about Zoom as a user. How to set up your computer or phone. How to find things you need. How to authorise Zoom on various devices. Also included are some Zoom best practices. 

Bianca will take you through the things to know about hosting workshops and meetings on Zoom, and how to ensure that you are doing things with the most efficiency and help you understand all the settings on a Zoom account. We'll also cover some things to keep in mind when communicating with people setitng up calls with you.

More importantly, this is what you'll gain:

  • Lifetime Access

    To the video recording of the live workshop. A lesson page with any workbooks, notes and links discussed in the live training

  • Discounted Empower Hours

    Need to ask additional questions after the workshop? Get an exclusive link to discounted Empower Hours with the trainers. 

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R350 each
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5 Course Bundle

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With the changes in 2020 that affected the whole world, there are so many people pivoting to a new way of working. Now is the perfect time to increase your skills in your business. 

Meet the teambehind VA Bootcamp

These courses were run under our VA Bootcamp brand, which has now been incorporated into the WAHM WorkSpace South Africa brand. 


Bianca and Adrienne are the CEO and CFO of WAHM WorkSpace. They've run the successful tech VA agency for 4 years. Bianca has a background in all sorts of jobs and considers herself a multi-potentialite. Her passion is in empowerment and her superpower is being able to translate creative thinking to tech, and vice versa. Adrienne is an accountant by training who has a passion for helping small businesses prosper in a financial sense. She's a genius at making numbers accessible even to people who would rather die than read a spreadsheet.

Together they are leading WAHM WorkSpace to a very bright future. 

Still have questions?

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