Believing in yourself and your abilities and it will certainly lead to success

Believe in yourself and your abilities and you can achieve anything!
Believe and you WILL achieve and succeed!

Most months I ramble on in a blog post about budgets and how important they are (and they are!), but this post I wanted to share more about the importance of learning something new and trusting yourself.

Recently Bianca took a week’s well-deserved leave and left me “in charge” of WAHM and the team. My initial thoughts were “OMG I have no idea how I am going to cope – I’m going to drown” and my inner Labrador is terrified of letting anyone down! Well, I am happy to say – I SURVIVED! In fact I KILLED IT!

I wanted to take a bit of time to share some of the things that helped me through this week and its challenges in the hope that you might find that “pearl of wisdom” to help you.

I started by making a list every morning. Sit down, cup of coffee (of course!) and a clean sheet of paper. I made a list of everything that needed to be done for all of our clients as well as a few personal reminders. Granted I nearly cried at that point as the list was 2 pages long!

Never one to dwell for too long in the negative (yes, the Labrador!) I got to work with one item, completed it and crossed it off the list. It was liberating and empowering and energizing to watch the lines being drawn through my to-do list. This list is dynamic because as soon as you clear a couple of things off – you are bound to have touched base with a client and added a few things on. Not allowing myself to get discouraged by the list growing quicker than I could shrink it – I put my head down! By the end of the day, I had completed a number of tasks and felt immensely proud of myself for what I had been able to achieve that day. 


Temporary roadblock
Roadblocks are temporary

Sure, I encountered some roadblocks along the way. Some of them were tech issues and I did a little bit of research and applied what I learned – WOW did I surprise myself. We are so quick to get stuck in a rut these days it is easy for us to forget that we are able to achieve things as long as we take a deep break and believe in ourselves and our abilities.


We all get “stuck”, but it is so important to know that we have a support base who are there to help us and lift us up. Never be afraid to ask for help – but make sure you have at least tried first! Just a HUGE shoutout to everyone who helped me this week – you know who you are and thank you!!

Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of.
Never be afraid to ask for help!


We all think we cannot tackle challenges outside of our “sphere of genius” but in all honesty we can achieve anything we set out mind to. All it takes is a deep breath and a step of courage. Just look at me the accountant who was adding countdown timers to a website this week-and I didn’t break it!

If you believe you can you WILL succeed!

My takeaway from this week is probably best summed up by an affirmation I found recently – Obstacles and Challenges Strengthen Me! It might sound like a cliché, but you cannot shy away from things that scare you. Tackle them head on, but don’t be afraid to ask for some help! I have survived this week knowing that I can achieve so much more that I initially believed that I could, and I feel stronger for it. Great things are coming – watch this space!!!

PS – if you are needing help don’t forget a WAHM WorkSpace VA is just a click away

PPS – here are some lovely affirmations to help you start your day!

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Adrienne Brown

Adrienne is the CFO of WAHM workspace and is passionate about empowering small business owners to make informed and data driven financial decisions for their businesses. She lives in Durban South Africa with her husband and two teenage daughters.