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WAHM WorkSpace offers recorded, one on one and group training in a variety of business arenas to help you feel more confident in running your business in the online space.

Who is this for? You - the emerging business owner.

Are you struggling to figure out which platforms to use for your business, or how to use the ones that have been recommended to you?
Are you a creative moving into the online space?
Have you paid for a beautiful website, but you don't know how to update it, or what to do with it?
Are you looking for someone to hold your hand in all this?

Sometimes all you need is the right place to ask questions to get the answers to help you feel empowered.

Trainingmight be just what you need.

Empower yourself to do the tasks that generate money in your business - without the stress of doing it all on your own. Having someone to reach out to and get the answers can help immensely.

Why use usWe are digital gurus!

Bianca is a digital native who is mostly self taught on all things online. Her natural ability to learn the digital space has been a huge advantage for her. In high school she scored really high on "translation" in an aptitude test, and until recently she had no idea what that meant. Turns out that her forte is in translating concepts. She's able to help most people understand a new system within a couple of hours.

What topics are available?Our ever growing training offerings include:

Group Training   |   In Person   |   One on One   |   Self Paced Recordings

In Person Small Group Training3 hour workshops

These topic specific, dedicated workshops include an element of theory, but the majority of the time is spent walking you through the actual doing. Having someone hold your hand can be immensely empowering. Whether you're just starting out, or you're needing specific advice on one aspect of the topics we cover, having a WAHM trainer come and walk you through can be the boost your business needs.


3 Hour training for 1-5 people. Venue to be provided by you, or one can be arranged and at an additional cost. Travel is charged separately. 

All participants need to be in the same business, or similar industries so that the information can be tailored and the questions don't go off on too much of a tangent. 

All accounts need to be set up and and participants need to have working logins to the accounts for the session. Any time taken to create accounts or logins, will not be made up. 

Additional hours of training are charged at R850 per hour. 

knowledge is power, we can help!

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In Person Scheduled TrainingGroup Workshops

Similarly to the 3 Hour Workshops, these topic specific, scheduled workshops include an element of theory, but the majority of the time is spent walking you through the actual doing. These workshops will also have the element of group discussion and brainstorming. 


We have two venues at the moment for these workshops and you can click either button below to find out more. 

together we can do great things!

One to One Coaching CallEmpower Hour

One hour one on one with Bianca to get answers to your unique questions, get help with figuring out an issue you're struggling with with you online business, or have a sounding board for your new business idea without any bias. 

R850 each

Everything is automated, so you can book these at any time and get the dedicated, one to one advice that you need to move your business forward quickly. 

Discounted package for 5 calls are available below. 

passionate about empowerment.

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Recorded VideosBiz Bootcamp Courses

These live training videos were run in 2021. Access to all 18 video recordings are available individually or as a bundle.

There is so much to learn when you start a business or make the decision to grow into the online space.. Look through our workshops and find the quick wins for you and your business.

These two to three hour live recorded sessions will teach you both the theory and knowledge on a topic, as well as practical examples. 

from R350 each

Find a skill you want to improve and buy the course. Or look through the bundles and choose a bunch of courses at a discounted rate. OR Purchase all the courses with just one click 

better skills = better business

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Frequently Asked Questions

The rate for the small group training is for one to five people from the same business or industry. Scheduled group trainings are for 5-12 people. Empower Hours are best scheduled one on one. 

These offers have been tailored to offer the best possible option for each medium.