5 Steps to Social Media Management

Social Media Management is executing a complete social media strategy. It takes more than upkeep and a post a day to make an impact on your online presence. Unlike other marketing tools, the digital space is hugely built on factual information which can provide your business with strong strategies. 

SMM is a system that maintains your social media strategies as well as digital marketing for your business.

“This is a vital part of the marketing strategy for businesses today.”

So whether you are in two minds of getting your business online or need help getting some momentum online, these are 5 things to keep in mind.

Knowing your niche/customer

If you ‘Doing it yourself’ or seeking a manager to help you, knowing who your niche/customers are online is such a vital starting point. You need to know your niche/customers to know what appeals to them.

The right platforms

There are so many social media platforms, so finding where your niche/customers are will help in the strategy. It helps to do this in the beginning of your strategic planning so for example if you have an accounting business, TikTok probably wouldn’t be the best online space to try appeal to a niche that might not be on that platform – so perhaps LinkedIn may be a better space. But do the homework and collect your information as to which space will work best.

Creating a online strategy

From knowing what your niche/customers want to see, you’ll be able to create a pool of content. From that, you would be able to plan how much content goes out, when it goes out and on what platform if there are numerous posts. 

When creating a strategy, a budget would need to be allocated if ads or sponsored posts are in the marketing strategy. 

Scheduling your content on a scheduler saves heck lot of time and keeps you sane! A few of my faves are Publer and Sked.

Community Engagement

This is as if not more important than most of the strategy. You can have the best strategy in place, but without relational engagement with your online followers it’s just like sending a message to no one thus sending out a huge negative to the followers. 

Always make an effort to respond, yes even after your auto-response. 


Wins all the time, even if it is the simplest content generated, scheduled, and posted and continuous engagement with your follows. 

And who would have thought Social Media Management would turn out to be so complicated yet so simple!

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